Day 3: Day at Kaluga - 108 Days Across Eurasia

While we got closer to Moscow, the car broked down - something went wrong with electricity and we stopped. When went out of the lorry - we saw that batteries located underneath the car has somehow felt of and got broken. But Denis - the Lorry driver - said - now wories - Russian technic will work anyway. He fixed some cables, stoped another lorry which helped to push the lorry with a rope and after 3 minutes we allready continued moving to Moscow!:) Amazing.

I was very tired. Very. And decided to stay here instead of moving forward to Moscow. And the lorry driver Denis decided to show me the Russian Welcome and showed the local places.

He explained me that it is tradition to have a Vodka as I'm first time in Russia and during our trip around the Kaluga City he introduced me to his friends.

So we drived to his friends, took some girls and went to the lake Andreyevskiy, had some bear.. Water was as a fresh milk - so hot!
!!!!!!But Russian girls are hotter!!!!!!!
!!And Russian heart - the wormest!

So we took a couple liters of Vodka and moved to the home where Denis lives. During our way from the store to home we dropped by some more girls and had a smoke of local ganja :) I was allready drunk so did not felt any changes...:) So we drunk a Vodka with some local chiks and I noticed that I love it. I love the Russian warm welcome, this anarchy that is in the air, all thees churches, true people. 
This truly is the amazing and great country and it is impossible even to think about understanding of Russia. Just enjoy.