Hi, my name is Martins Ate and I'm the CEO of ZigiJob. I just wanted briefly to tell you what's this all about and how can possibly you earn money from home by joining ZigiJob. Besides my human team for support of Zigi - those laptops behind me - that is my personal team of robots I'm using daily - Some of them are with me for over ten years and they do whatever I want them to do - highly recommended and to be continued about.

ZigiJob is a collection of the companies I have been working with for years. Thanks to their honest business etiquette I have earned over two million British pounds in last ten years as affiliate coming out on average 20k a month without even alarm clock or additional stress. 90% of what I did was launching automated sharing tools from different laptops. It's easy and FULL OF FREEDOM job opportunities. I have even worked on the China Great Wall! Cant leave a house without a laptop is just one of the rules if you wish to be successful.

As I started my "Work from Home" career over 10 years ago I have seen a lots of changes happening withing marketing methods and ways to achieve the time as well as platforms used for that. ZigiJob is here to pass my knowledge to you so also you can join the fastest growing industries profit makers leader boards.

Back in those days when I started it most of the companies with whom you could get 5 number income from where forex so I become affiliate for many of forex brokers providing me that 5 number monthly income I have always striven for to buy me a freedom so needed to travel and see the world. My 9 to 5 jobs office moved to sitting whenever I wanted with my laptop on table in the quite streets filled with coffee shops.

Later I expanded my affiliate experience with payment companies and exchangers. It is amazing! You just keep on earning! And the best thing is - you can do it for FREE and from anywhere you like. Imagine - each time someone swipes his Mastercard you get paid - a little - but still - GET PAID. So the point of this affiliate industry is to focus on client attraction.

When a cryptoboom came out as an affiliate of Genesis Mining alone I earned over $280,000 in commissions! I had so much money I did not knew where to keep it so I purchased a narrow boat where I had boxes under the bed to keep the piles of cashed out Bitcoins. BOXES OF MONEY!!! In my Affiliate marketing career my daily profits records have hit almost $70k within 24 hours. YES, ALSO YOU MUST DO THAT and opportunity is still out there! 

But to get to that level - You must do anything to make sure you got that client. Email them, call them, write to them and of course - FIRST OF ALL - get them - by streaming your ZigiJob profile with chosen companies to work with. 

You can choose to work only for one industry or take a sequence of products clients might use. For instance - those who search for crypto exchange might be interested in crypto payment card - so you offer both of these choices and advertise your page.

The other benefits of ZigiJob is that you get a FREE CONSULTATIONS AND ONE ON ONE TRAINING by me or my colleagues speaking English, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Bulgarian and Latvian languages - we are ready to do anything to help you achieve your results! AND IF WE DON'T - JUST PING ME UP DIRECTLY ON WHATSAPP +447584627643 AND I'LL GET THINGS SORTED. 

Why do I like to earn a lots of money and how do I get it?
Because that gives me freedom to do the things I want to do. First of all - to start working whenever I want not when the alarm wakes me up. Forex is money industry, to get money - be with money! SO all the industries added here at ZigiJob are only the most profitable ones.

As I love to travel I require mobility in my life. I made a choice - live my life, get up and work when I want to and earn as much as I need to! I have traveled half of the world and have even 2 books about the travelling across Eurasia - from Belgium to India hitchhiking and second about 108 Temples of Asia. I love travelling and this work from home opportunity has given me ability to do whatever I have wished for in my life..

Besides the other thing I can do with a free time and bunch of cash after just working as a media streamer with affiliate links is to realize my hobbies - I'm a reggae artist singing prayers for happiness and truth.

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