How to Create Sales Funnels on BolloJob

We have already talked about the growing significance of marketing for any new cryptocurrency-based project that comes out in the market. It is hyper essential for the project to stand out from the competitors. While creating a decent marketing strategy that stands at the front to attract users and community members to the project is essential, what’s also important is having a funnel that filters out the dedicated community members from the non-committed ones and the only focus on those that are not only able to promote that project within their network, but also are full of knowledge themselves and can easily understand what the project is all about and relate to it. The more connected they feel with the project and the team behind it, the more they are going to be motivated to provide their services and market it.

However, this still doesn’t solve the major problem of creating such a funnel for the members that they are easily converted. And as is often understood, creating the perfect sales strategy is one of the most difficult tasks that any project creator comes across. They have created the best project but now they must create the best marketing and sales strategy to convert them as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to ensure that they are creating a strategy that entices the users first, makes them accomplish some tasks (perhaps through a faucet) and then pulls them completely in by having them do a transaction and making them deposit some amount of money within your project or buying tokens of your project. While this sounds more tough than it actually is, we do understand that creating the best strategy can be a cumbersome task.

And that is why we have created a platform that ensures that all your sales funnels can be easily created and can be managed at one place. Our platform gives you all the metrics and data that you need to understand which marketing strategy is working and which isn’t. We believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are going to revolutionise the world, and we want to be at the helm of that revolution.