Bring your water back to Life with Analemma! Analemma coherent water - harmonizes all living things 馃挧

You're 70% water in body mass, but 99% water on a molecular level! You're basically very clever water. That is why the quality, the composition and the "shape" of the water you drink tremendously influences your life. The health of your body and mind depends on it.

Aalemma is a revolutionary new device that transforms regular tap and bottled water from its depleted, chaotic and lesser state into its supreme, coherent, and naturally structured state. Whether you want to drink clean, healthy water from a tap, or want to create your own water with the distilled and purest form of deionized water, Aalemma is the answer you've been looking for. All you need to do is drop the Aalemma into your water bottle and press the button.

Aalemma is a device that manages the life-giving properties of water by transforming it into its supreme, coherent, and naturally structured state. This process transforms the water from its depleted, chaotic, and lesser state into its supreme, coherent, and naturally structured state. It does this by harnessing the natural energies that are found in water, transforming them into a coherent particle called an aqua aval.


Due to various environmental reasons H2O molecules in drinking water move chaotically and crash into each other all the time. This happens on an atomic level so we are completely unaware of it.

This chaos has a profound influence on our entire sense of being without us ever being aware of it. By swirling A枪alemma in the water, those same H2O molecules start forming a liquid crystalline structure. The water molecules start linking together and behaving harmonically.

Through that unique process water becomes alive – again.



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